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AMY COE HOME is now very much at home in Kerhonkson


A quick Google search for “Amy Coe” and a string of links four pages deep emerges referencing the new(ish) Kerhonkson resident and proprietor of AMY COE HOME. Coe has spent the last three decades building a lifestyle brand empire that began focused on the infant and child space and has grown to include multiple licensing agreements and a large range of products. Coe is now focusing her innumerable talents and unparalleled eye for design into the interior design space with AMY COE HOME, and she’s thrilled to be opening up her services to those, well, closer to home.

Coe was born in Brooklyn but grew up in Emerald Hills, Hollywood, Florida.

Emerald Hills, is a true suburb,” says Coe, “with palm trees, school plays, football, Spartanettes and convertibles. It’s a very manicured community where everyone knows everyone.” Early on Coe’s attention was drawn to design. She recalls how her parents, who were collectors, built their home focusing on extending their living space to include the outdoors. “My parents built our home with a focus on outdoor living – screened porches, French doors, ceiling fans and large potted plants, which created an inviting backdrop for both vintage and modern furnishings. Our home was lively, always filled with family and friends visiting from the Northeast.”

After high school Coe headed to the University of Florida to study journalism and communications before heading to New York City. Once in New York, Coe worked in publishing and fashion, still feeling the pull of design work. Her marriage in her late 20s and having a baby reignited her love of design, and she became hyperfocused on her new situation.

The birth of my daughter sparked my interest in the infant space, which was truly missing sophisticated, well-designed baby linens (designs that were NOT character driven), decor and home fashion,” says Coe. “I was a new mom, on the hunt to create a showstopper nursery – so I took the opportunity to fill the void with prints and patterns I loved. Mix-and-match florals with small geometrics, stripes and mini dots all looked new! I added a tiny scale toile within the collection, and boom! it all came together. A fresh approach for baby.”

It quickly became apparent that Coe had something special on her hands, something that others would find resonance in. It started with word of mouth and grew quickly, with Coe landing her first big order from fabled ABC Carpet. The client list continued to grow, as did the brand to encompass not just linens but also pillows, diaper bags, toys, furniture, gifts, everyday essentials and effortlessly rock-style fashion for babies and kids. Within a matter of years Amy Coe could be found in Target, Babies R’ Us, and at their flagship store in downtown Westport, Connecticut, among a bevy of other retail locations. Amy had moved from a one-mom shop to an empire. Says Coe, “It’s a true story of finding the white space in a market and filling it with my design sensibility and tons of passion.”

In 2015, as her business continued to grow and in the midst of two of her largest retail partnerships, Coe launched AMY COE HOME, essentially by demand. Craving her uniquely Coe touch, clients began to hire her for her interior design expertise, and soon she had a string of happy interior design clients behind her – and referring her to others. Coe would juggle both successful business for three years, working with clients in New York and Connecticut all the while running her retail brand. In 2019 she made the big decision to focus completely on AMY COE HOME.

It could be said that her daughter was once again the catalyst of business change for Coe. “My daughter Liv rented an Airbnb near Arrowood Farms in Accord,” explains Coe. “She called raving about the small town, the green grass, the fresh air, the friendly people, and how cool it would be to buy some land. The following weekend we booked a room at The Villa at Saugerties. It was magical; we fell in love with all that Liv described.”

While Coe had always been drawn to the Hudson Valley, she says that the pandemic really opened her eyes to the true possibility, and so, on that very first weekend, a hunt for a house began. “My husband, Mark, and I craved a design project – a new place to explore. Kerhonkson felt like home. Thankfully, we caught a spec house just in time so we could made it ours … lucky us!”

Coe is excited to bring AMY COE HOME to the area, the perfect cradle for her brand. “Ulster County is booming!” exclaims Coe. “The influx of busy city dwellers, yummy new restaurants, refurbished old buildings, and attention to an enriching environment for locals are all great ingredients for a desirable lifestyle. I am convinced there are new families who appreciate good design, looking to elevate their surroundings but don’t know how or where to begin. A local interior design solution seems like a no-brainer.  I am aware of the many decisions, when building or renovating – they can be overwhelming, but knowing I can collaborate and tap extensive resources will ease this daunting task. The local housing market and new homeowners deserve this attention, and I want to be an integral part of the solution.”

AMY COE HOME is dedicated to uniting form, function and a bit of the unexpected, resulting in crisp, clean, timeless interiors with interesting detail. Harking back to her days hunting for vintage linens, in the interior design space Coe mixes found treasures, family favorites and market finds to reflect each private client’s personal style. Coe says that at the heart of her business is a dedication to service.

Service, service, service! I never take on too many clients, which allows me to deliver on my promises,” says Coe. 

While she begins each new relationship with some deep listening to understand her client’s unique priorities and needs, there are some AMY COE HOME signatures that act as a foundation for her work.

An AMY COE HOME signature is to create a thread through a house using fresh color, layering texture, modern scale and hand-selected furniture,” says Coe. “I love mixing high and low. I also love to design with unexpected details.”

When pressed as to whether or not she had any tried-and-true advice for those looking to elevate their space, Coe offered the following list off the top of her head:

Invest in good bed linens – they really make a difference. Lighting is everything! Farrow and Ball Railings No. 31 [paint] –  dark walls are comforting and always add warmth. Hunt … I love scouring for finds that add character. My advice, buy what is meaningful, stuff you love!”

Ulster County is already feeling very much like home to Coe. When asked how she would spend her perfect day in the area, she responded: “Early, early coffee, a fast, music-filled walk, a stop at the enchanting Ravenwood, lunch in Kingston at Hotel Kinsley, local shopping for seasonal finds, cocktails and dinner at home with friends and family. My newest love is Inness, so when I am not at home, you’ll find me there – the sunsets are spectacular. We can’t wait to share this special spot with our Connecticut friends!” 

For more information on AMY COE HOME, contact, 203-258-5044, and/or visit


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