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October 3, 2022

Seeds Under Nuclear Winter: an Earth Opera


"Seeds Under Nuclear Winter: An Earth Opera" is a recreation of spiritual visions, dreams, and stories through world and sacred music, performance art, movement, storytelling, and light experiments, shared within an immersive and multi-sensory community experience.

The Earth Opera takes place in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, and centers around planetary rebirth, finding light and beauty in the darkest times, and on our deep connection with all living things, our planet, and with each other. Orchestrated for harps, ethereal choral voices, South American/Andean traditional instruments, Indonesian/Sudanese gamelan orchestra, chamber strings, droning harmoniums, dulcimer, bells, piano, and earthy percussion/frame drums, the Earth Opera steps into otherworldly realms and unfolds upon a non-linear and timeless path, similar to the way we dream. Characters include dancing Deities from around the world (Hanuman, Green Tara, Jesus), ethereal Seraphim choirs, Virtues and Prophets, serpents, birds, narcissistic dictators, monks, dream-beings, Saint Margaret of the Parking Lot, children of the future, and other luminous beings.

The large-scale body of work transforms visions, dreams, and spiritual experiences into a completely immersive experience for both audience and cast, set INSIDE of the earth in The Widow Jane Mine—a vast and earthen womb-like natural amphitheater.

Some reflective words from our audience in 2021:


“An awe-inspiring work of art!”

“Still reverberating in my pulse–truly magical.”

” It was probably the most amazing performance I’ve seen in my life… And I’ve seen some beautiful and well crafted performances”


“I was weeping the whole time. So beautiful, and healing.”

” Sacred moments of pain and hope for the light….a celebration of our universal humanity. You took us on a journey”

Written by Elizabeth Clark, the Earth Opera was composed and developed within the quiet mountain sanctuary and artist retreat of Byrdcliffe Artists Colony in Woodstock NY over the course of a three year artist residency.

More info and tickets:


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