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October 3, 2022

sounding landscapes: microfauna concert


Microfauna is a Kingston-based experimental music group 
that blends the intentionality of contemporary composition with the immediacy of improvisation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we found ourselves podded together with little outlet for collaborative musical expression, so we began to get together regularly to play for fun, for ourselves, and as a way of exploring the musical chemistry that exists between us and between our specific blend of instruments. Experimenting with a blend of instruments including flute, sax, violin, drums, and synthesizer, our sound is both acoustic and electronic.

Over time we discovered our sound to be something capable of darkness, light, tension beauty, softness and aggression. Because the conversation between these moods leaves so much evocative room for the imagination, we started to wonder how our sounds could pair with different environments. As we are interested in the immediacy of our sounds and feelings as they develop in a space, we grew interested in exploring how a space can change and influence our playing. What would we sound like in a forest? A quarry? What if we invited an audience to experience that space with us? What if we performed among bricks or stone? How might different materials change our sound?

Inspired by the rich natural-industrial history of the Widow/ Jane Mine in Rosendale, NY, Microfauna is thrilled to perform in this historic space on August 14th. The performance starts at 3pm.

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