Arthur Markle


Arthur DuBois Markle, 77, of Alligerville, NY died May 29, in Kingston, New York. Arthur was born November 2, 1945 to Eleanor Markle, née Ohnstad, and Arthur Davis Markle. Arthur graduated high school in Lyndhurst, New Jersey in 1963. He then went to New Paltz College graduating in 1968 with a degree in geology. Arthur was opposed to the Vietnam war and left the United States and traveled around the world and had many adventures and stories to tell about his experiences. The government gave Arthur a conscientious objector status when Arthur returned to the USA. He worked as a teacher for one year then became employed with the Ulster County Health Department.

Arthur worked for the Ulster County Health Department from 1973 -2001. Arthur was well known in Ulster county for his contribution to many septic systems. After retiring from Ulster County Health Department, Arthur then worked for Medebach and Eggers designing septic systems. He enjoyed his job and the outdoors.

When Arthur met his wife Dawn in 1994 he was smitten and shy. His first date with Dawn was a three-day event called Woodstock “94”. Four years later, Arthur proposed and remained married to Dawn Markle until his passing.

Arthur was self-taught in carpentry, plumbing, and electric, and he took great pleasure working on and maintaining our family homestead in Alligerville. Arthur liked to cook and read. Arthur loved to travel and made a few trips around the country visiting many national parks after retirement.

Arthur was very passionate about horse racing and studied the racing form until his illness prevented him from reading. Arthur was often seen with his beloved dog Honey riding his three wheel bicycle on Berme Road. Arthur was debilitated by his struggle with Parkinson’s disease coupled with front-temporal Dementia. He taught us all to be dignified and grateful for our life. He was a loving partner giving a loving smile, even a hug, in his last moment of life.

Arthur is survived by his wife Dawn Markle, Daughter Robin Markle, as well as his sisters, Kristina Pasqualone and Irene Graffam. Celebration of life will be held at 1925 Lucas Ave, Cottekill, New York.