Judy Abbott art exhibit at the Rosendale Theatre


In honor of Native American Month, the works of Judy Abbott, a local artist of Esopus/Munsee descent will be on display for the month of November, at the Rosendale Theatre, 408 Main St., Rosendale. Abbott was part of a unique art team with her husband Doug Alderfer, who also had Shawnee ancestry. Ecology was always their overarching theme in their paintings of landscape and man’s impact upon it. Doug died a year and a half ago, but Judy continues to make vigorous art that explores man and his relationship with nature. The works in this exhibit are incised ceramic tiles, that reference Native Rock petroglyphs in Arizona and elsewhere. There is also a drawing of the famed Esopus Wampum belt signifying peace between the Esopus people and the colonists in Kingston. Call 845-658-8989 or visit rosendaletheatre.org for information.