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August 14, 2022

NEW BSP digital subscription explained

FAQs and notes about BlueStone Press' Digital subscription service


Many ways to enjoy the BSP, and now digital!

Newsstand – Print Subscription – New Digital Subscription – Patreon Support Subscription

We understand you may have a few questions. Here's some information about our new digital subscription service.


1. We believe in print media; the printed newspaper remains our main product.


2. Our digital subscription costs a bit more. We consider it going “off platform” for added convenience, and we actually need to make a few dollars to offer this service and keep everything going.


3. When you see the digital purchase offer page, there is a per-issue price and an annual subscription for 24 issues. BSP prints 24 times a year. Select the 24 issue option. We are prioritizing the annual digital subscription.


4. Issuu Digital Publishing, the vendor, protects the purchaser’s data. BSP will not know or have your name, email address or any other personal data.


5. Timing: Issuu keeps our file pending in safe mode until they approve it for publication on their platform. This can take from two to 24 hours after upload. We upload around 7 p.m. on deadline nights, although that is workload dependent.


6. Some may want to switch their existing print subscription to digital. We do not have a way to do this with the third party vendor (Issuu) at this time. You can order now and get both, or wait until your yearly print subscription is up and then switch.


7. Patreon supporters will be emailed a full digital edition link as soon as Issuu approves the upload for publication. Patreon members might have to sign up with an Issuu account the first time to get started.


8. How do you buy just the print subscription? That link is at the bottom of our home page on this website, or you can contact the office.


9. Why are we using third party vendors like Patreon and Issuu? These are powerful platforms and there's no way to recreate these services in-house.

Digital only subscription order link

The print only subscription link

Patreon support members link you get both digital and print!

This note will be updated as we continue to go through this process.


Thanks for your interest. -BSP staff.

Need help? Email: or call the office at 845-687-4480



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